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Beyond Burger

We are very proud to be the first hamburger chain in Scandinavia to serve the Beyond BurgerTM. The world’s first plant-based burger that looks, is cooked and tastes as meat. The ”meat” itself is entirely herbal but has both the juiciness and the texture like a traditional burger. It contains 20g of pea protein and is free from soy, gluten and GMO.

The meat

We have fresh hanged Swedish farm meat from Hälsingestintan. Our meat comes from nearby farms that keep track of animal keeping and slaughter. Quality, environment and traceability have always been a key part of our products. To cooperate with Hälsingestintan, a company that don’t tamper with the quality, felt like an obvious choice. Animals that feel good during their lifetime are allowed to move open and stress-free contributes to a tasty food quality.

our organic bread

For a year, Philip (one of Phil’s founders) baked bread every day and offered it to his neighbors to bring out the perfect hamburger bun. This resulted in our unique organic recipe baked in our own bakery every morning, seven days a week. Every morning, 3000 freshly baked bread runs to all our restaurants. Of course, we also have gluten-free bread.

Sauce and dressing

At Phil’s we do everything from scratch. It’s not that complicated. Our sauces are made in our central kitchen with carefully chosen ingredients and of course we have something for you who are vegan.


If you haven’t tried our Crispy Vegan Burger then you have really missed something. How does panko fried seitan, chilli mayonnaise, pickled red onion, jalapeños and coleslaw sound?


Our fries are fried in certified oil. They are thin, crispy and have the peel left for extra taste.